Chinese Language

To make good use of assessment data and enhance learning effectiveness.



  1. To make good use of assessment data to enhance learning effectiveness and develop students’ self-directed learning ability.


Strategy I

To optimise the AQP system to enhance the effectiveness of summative assessments and follow-up actions.


The panel has expanded the use of the AQP system to primary four and five. We believe that this can help us analyse the reading paper results in upper primary more effectively. In order to monitor and follow students’ learning performance closely, teachers will arrange different teaching plans, worksheets or e-learning resources based on the question types or language knowledge that got answered wrong frequently. All of our teachers agreed that making use of the AQP to analyse students’ results could benefit and enhance their learning effectiveness.


Strategy II

To use electronic platforms to increase the speed of instant feedback and facilitate effective learning.


According to different key learning areas of different modules, teachers adjust the evaluation guidelines of online assessment tools, which provide feedback instantly to evaluate students’ learning effectiveness. Teachers were also using e-learning tools for post-class follow-up and extended learning to record students’ learning process. Furthermore, students can make use of “A Passage a Day” and “Fireflies Chinese Culture Learning Platform” to document their reading progress. Students can receive their reading results immediately and extend their learning field.


Strategy III

To strengthen students’ self-directed learning ability by using and selecting different reading strategies to analyse articles.  


In order to consolidate the self-learning cycle, the subject panel focuses on teaching different self-learning methods this year so that students can master, select and use different reading strategies to analyse articles. In addition to using different reading strategies, students can also utilise the "My Free Voluntary Reading Journal" as extended learning to strengthen selecting reading strategies. They can optimise their self-learning effectiveness and master the process of self-learning by conducting self-monitoring and self-reflection through peer evaluation and self-evaluation.

Students' work from My Free Voluntary Reading Journal illustrating self-directed learning ability

Students chose a better reading strategy to analyse articles after self-evaluation