Flexible application of Self-directed learning

Objective I

Under the guidance of the new curriculum, students can improve their Mandarin listening and speaking skills. At the same time, we lay emphasis on learning with fun and stimulating their interests and motivation in learning Mandarin.


  • To continue to enhance the quality of our Mandarin programme with updated school-based course materials
  • To stimulate students' interest in learning through school-based curriculum and various extra-curricular activities, construct knowledge and develop insights beyond the textbook contents, and encourage students' habit of speaking Mandarin.
  • To enhance students’ motivation in learning and encourage students to practice self-directed learning outside classrooms using e-books HKEP iReader.


This year, the Panel Chair has finished the 10th edition of the self-compiled school-based teaching material (Pinyin) for Primary Two and the 9th edition for Primary One. Fun activities such as interesting stories, pictures, children songs, and Pinyin games have been added to the teaching materials. We hope that students' interests in learning Mandarin can be awakened through the medium of games and interaction. Students can learn to enhance their language capacities while having fun.

According to the feedback from our Primary One Mandarin teachers, 60% of the students can achieve the goal of mastering Pinyin through our self-compiled textbooks. In addition, in response to the content requirements of the new book, the needs of the school-based pinyin teaching plan, and the Chinese subject, the Mandarin panel has re-edited the Mandarin worksheets for Primary Two to Primary Six. The updated worksheets, which are at a suitable level of difficulty, meet the requirements for listening and speaking skills under the new curriculum. The number of homework assignments given is not excessive, and we ensure that our students will be given sufficient time to finish them. During the period of class suspension, most students can use e-books for self-directed learning under the guidance of teachers.


Objective II

Through a variety of activities, students can improve their Putonghua proficiency and practice their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a rich and diverse language environment.


  • To select potential students to participate in the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival.


This year, a total of 12 students participated in the Solo Speaking in the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival. One took second place, three were in third place, seven won a certificate of merit, and one student won a certificate of proficiency. Through the competition training, the students mastered the Putonghua pronunciation and learned to understand and appreciate the connotations and emotions of the verses and proses. They were able to present the sentiments in their interpretation fully. 


Objective III

Through various e-learning platforms, students can conduct independent learning, optimize their performance, and enhance learning effectiveness.


  • To use the online application, Putonghua Zhengdu, for post-class evaluation and self-assessment to promote learning effectiveness
  • To use Nearpod to design different kinds of exercises to consolidate students' knowledge in Putonghua phonetics


This year, due to the suspension of face-to-face classes, self-directed learning and sharing activities were not able to carry out. In light of this situation, we have used electronic platforms to consolidate students' knowledge in Putonghua phonetics and conduct self-assessment. Our Putonghua teachers assign related extended reading tasks where over 80% of students could study words and passages as required to consolidate their pronunciations. Nearpod learning tasks are designed for all levels to help students revise their phonetics before the third exam. Students have strong interests in online learning activities, including the Cross-boundary students who have lessons from Zoom. We provide prompt feedback according to students' results and identify the areas where they can improve their pronunciation. 

5A Zhang Rainbow

Solo Verse Speaking (Putonghua) - The 2nd Runner-up

2A Mai Sai Lam 

Solo Verse Speaking (Putonghua) - Certificate of Merit

5B Tam Suet Ho

Solo Verse Speaking (Putonghua) - Certificate of Merit

5B Suen Wai Ka

Solo Prose Speaking (Putonghua) - Certificate of Merit