Flexible application of Self-directed learning

Collective Goals

To enhance the Putonghua proficiency of students

To promote Chinese culture

To help students to develop methods, attitudes, and habits for self-directed learning




· To develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills        

· To promote Chinese culture        

· To help students to develop methods, attitudes, and habits for self-directed learning

1. E-platform

2. Learn with fun

3. Self-directed learning

1. Stall games

2. Tongue Twister Contest

3.Thematic self-directed learning


Strategy I: Learn with fun

We provide individual and group games for our students to stimulate their interests and motivation in learning Putonghua with the aim of creating an environment where entertainment is blended with education.

Effectiveness I

Optimizing the subject

The Panel Chair has finished the 9th edition of the self-compiled school-based teaching material (Pinyin) for Primary Two and the 8th edition for Primary One. Fun activities such as interesting stories, pictures, children songs, and Pinyin games have been added to the teaching materials. We hope that through the medium of games and interaction, students’ interests in learning Putonghua can be awakened. Students can learn to enhance their language capacities while having fun.

Extra-curricular activities

Tongue Twister Contest and stall games helped students construct Putonghua knowledge beyond textbooks and classrooms and enabled them to maintain their interest and confidence in speaking the language in a fun and relaxed environment.


Strategy II: Self-directed learning

Student-oriented thematic activities, where teachers provide guidance, were set up for students to develop freely, achieving the integration of classroom teaching and extended learning. Primary Four to Primary Six students used Putonghua E-platform to share their achievements and received a quality evaluation.

Effectiveness II

Integration of optimized curriculum and extra-curriculum activities

Different self-compiled, self-directed learning activities, including worksheets and E-platform, has been planned for each grade. Students could share their accomplishments with classmates and teachers at any time or give a class presentation to enhance their learning effectiveness. 

Stall games for P.4 to P.6
Stall games for P.1 to P.3
Practice before the Tongue Twister Contest