To master the self-directed learning cycle: Self-learning recorder.


Course design

Objective I

To strengthen students' self-directed learning ability so that they can grasp the steps and strategy of studying music.


  • With school-based self-learning video clips and the application Yinglee Recorder, students can prepare lessons before class and conduct self-directed learning. Students can also make use of the Recorder Learning Journal to help them create their learning plans with different steps and strategies. 


This year, our recorder lessons are mainly taught online. From the student questionnaire, 88.4% of the students thought that watching the tutorial videos recorded by teachers or the clips from Yinglee Recorder could help them master different playing techniques and strategies. Students in an interview said that self-learning videos allow them to find a suitable way to learn according to their own pace and ability, which can help improve their learning effectiveness. After reviewing students' learning journals, our teachers believed that the Recorder Learning Journal could help to plan and monitor the learning process. 82.1% of the students agreed that the journal is helpful, and 79.5% could achieve their goals. This learning experience has taught them the importance of goal setting and time management. 


Objective II 

To use e-learning tools to evaluate and reflect and give feedback.


  • To complete the cycle of independent learning by developing students' habit of recording their recorder practices so that they and teachers can evaluate the performance and review and improve their playing techniques.  
  • To list out the assessment terms so that students can accurately evaluate self-assessment and mutual assessment to improve assessment efficiency.


This year, students' evaluation has been transferred to online platforms. According to the questionnaire, 83.9% of the students have recorded practice videos and submitted them to the Google classroom for teachers to review. And they can conduct self-evaluation or peer evaluation according to the evaluation items. And 92.9% of them have improved their skills using teachers' suggestions or self-reflection. As students learn instrumental techniques from self-learning videos and preparing lessons before classes, teachers stated that their roles as instructors have shifted to classroom facilitators so as to give instructions based on different learning needs. Students used to be at the receiving ends, and now they can manage their learning progress. Now they are capable of acquiring new knowledge beyond classrooms on their own.

Students submitting practice videos to online platforms

Students assess their performance

Students analysing problems and giving comments using music terminology