Physical Education

Objective I

 “Nothing can stop us from exercising. Let’s build a healthy body and a healthy mind” is the expectation of us for our students this year. Our goal is to train our students to develop the habit of doing physical exercises to stay fit and healthy. 

Strategy I

Implementation: School-wide

  1. PE teachers record school-based gymnastics and physical fitness training tutorial videos to facilitate students to learn by themselves at home
  2. After PE lessons, students need to upload a workout video to the teacher via online platforms as extended lesson activities. 

Through students’ workout videos, our teachers will help students learn workout skills and build the habit of doing exercises regularly. 

Strategy II

Implementation: Primary One and Two

  1. To organize an online activity, “Family Fitness Fun Day”, for students and parents to complete four fitness tasks after school: Joyful Balloons, Fun Hops, Catching, and Throwing. We believe that parents’ company and encouragement can help students establish the habit of doing exercises.  


  1. From the interviews with students, we found that students have watched the school-based gymnastics and physical fitness training tutorial videos and exercised at home. And according to our online platform, around 46% of primary three to primary six students upload workout videos to their teachers on a regular basis. It reflects that the strategy can help some students make exercise a habit.


  1. PE teachers will give feedback after watching students’ workout videos. In the meantime, students can conduct self-evaluation and peer evaluation on their videos. Teachers will guide students to reflect and understand their learning effectiveness during the process and encourage them to practice more to improve. 


  1. For the first time, the subject team held the “Family Fitness Fun Day” online for the primary one and two students and their parents to complete four fitness tasks after school. A total of 144 families had participated in this 4-week activity, and they had demonstrated their enthusiasm and tremendous drive in this activity. According to the parent survey, more than 90% of the parents found that this activity could increase their family exercise time; 87% of them agreed that it could help children develop the habit of doing exercises. Most of the parents responded positively. They appreciated that the school has held this activity and hoped that we would continue to develop more interesting games and organise these family activities from time to time. From the questionnaire, we can see that the activity has a positive impact on developing a habit of participating in sport regularly on students and parents.


Objective II

To strengthen students’ self-directed learning ability.

Strategy I

Implementation: Primary Five

Topic: Gymnastics Choreography


  1. To internalise the self-learning cycle (goal setting, strategy planning, monitoring, revision and reflection)

Goal setting

  1. Students watch gymnastics videos online before class, then the teacher will guide students to learn how to plan the movements.
  2. The teacher will share the teaching objectives and divide the students into groups.
  3. Each group of students elects a leader and completes the goal setting.
  4. Then, the groups need to revise and improve their choreography.

Strategy planning 

  1. The group leader leads the students to discuss and plan different movements.
  2. Students can watch group dance performances online to brainstorm ideas.
  3. Students can come up with their own mnemonic phrases to remind themselves about the steps. 
  4. They can make use of recess time to practice.


  1. Students complete the self-assessment form.
  2. The groups identify the areas that need to be improved.
  3. The groups upload their gymnastics videos for individual grading.

Monitoring and revision

  1. The team leaders lead the students to watch and revise their choreography. 
  2. Students make use of their gymnastics videos to analyse their movements.
  3. Students conduct peer evaluations on group performances to enhance the movements.



  1. According to the student questionnaire, 88.1% of the students could complete five gymnastics patterns, 87.1% of them could include actions of different difficulty levels, and 77.1% could combine different changes of directions in their movements. In the process of monitoring and revision, 80.7% of the students said they had mastered their gymnastics steps, 80.8% said they could improve their dance patterns, and 72.5% said that the process could help them make the movements more elegant. 
  2. Our teachers have observed that students participated actively in this choreography session, which has increased students’ interest in Gymnastics. According to the student questionnaire, 46.8% of them had practised with their groupmates during recess. There are 78.9% of the students in Primary five said they liked this unit and have had fun in it.
  3. All students could complete five gymnastics patterns. 99% of them could incorporate actions of different directions and difficulty levels, 89.6% could follow the beats and complete the movements.

Students doing exercise at home

Students uploading their throwing and catching videos

The Family Fitness Fun Day activity