Visual Arts 

Excel in self-improvement and self-evaluation

Become a reflective learner


Objective I

To utilize different strategies and hands-on teaching experience to help students internalize the self-directed learning cycle.

To make good use of advanced strategic thinking for self-reflection and study the relationship between creativity and quality enhancement to improve students’ three-dimensional work quality.



Implementation in levels: Primary Four

Topic: Kids’ Wonderland – To design game facilities for the theme park


  1. To internalize the self-directed learning cycle (goal setting, planning, monitoring, and self-reflection) and enhance learning effectiveness.
  2. To employ different strategies to enhance learning effectiveness.
  • (Strategic plans) Make good use of different strategies to attain the objective or improve performance.
  • Advanced strategic thinking: SCAMPER
  • Problem-solving strategies: Design thinking (Identify and define problems)
  • (Evaluations) Performance Evaluation, self-reflection and optimization of learning results: To adopt Prototype (hands-on experience, interviews, and improvements)
  • (Tasks) Task-based learning to acquire knowledge: KWL

Strategy: Design thinking (Discover and identify problems)

Primary Four students study the strategy of design thinking (discover and identify problems) by interviewing junior grade students to find the issues in the game facilities to work out and improve their ideas.

Students can start their first draft and add visual elements to their work after they have decided what they are going to make.


Students can use the advanced strategic thinking and problem-solving strategy SCAMPER to conduct self-evaluation. Then, they review their designs and add different 3D objects to improve their work. 

Students explore the methods of creating different textures.



The teaching plan has been proven effective:

According to the interviews,students could adopt the advanced strategy SCAMPER to conduct the mid-term evaluation. For example, they would study the characteristics of the materials after completing the 3D material and texture exploration. Considering the characteristics, students have improved their design with different methods of creating different textures and multifarious recreational facilities.

According to teachers’ observation, students can utilise their creativity and apply their inspiration from the research and exploration of different materials to their 3D work, showing a variety of texture creations. Using advanced strategic thinking and problem-solving strategies, students could conduct self-evaluation and become reflective learners. This teaching plan could indeed improve their quality of 3D design. 


Objective II

To further enhance the learning community and promote the development of teaching and collaborative professional culture inside and outside the school by conducting school-based course studies and guidance from experts in Visual Arts.



  1. To host the “To promote creation by building an effective dialogue and questioning strategy 2020/21” of the Professional Learning Community.
  • By inviting Dr Tam Cheung On to extend the study on the Development Project “An Investigation of the Use of Group Dialogue and Questioning Strategies with Primary School Students Learning Visual Arts in Museums and Schools”. This project aims
    1. to enhance the professional development and the knowledge of learning and teaching of our VA teachers
    2. to develop effective group dialogue and questioning strategies
    3. to boost students’ creativity by enhancing our art appreciation and criticism
    4. to organise professional exchanges for our VA teachers to promote the effectiveness of teaching and learning and practice the philosophy of collaborative lesson observation
    5. to repay and serve the sector with teachers’ learning experience in this project


  1. VA teachers from 3 schools participated in this project. Our VA teachers' professional development and knowledge of learning and teaching have been enhanced through expert guidance.
  2. This year, we had held a workshop and a seminar on the design of classroom activities. In the coming year, we plan to enhance our course design and teachers' professional competency through regular exchanges of ideas and peer lesson observation.

We had hosted the “To promote creation by building an effective dialogue and questioning strategy 2020/21” workshop and invited Dr Tam Cheung On and VA teachers from 3 different schools to this activity.

Dr Tam Cheung On is giving a talk to the teachers on the art appreciation and criticism and questioning strategies.

The online seminar on the design of classroom activities.