Objective (1):

To enhance the teaching and learning efficacy by fully utilizing assessment data


  • Strengthen the ‘L-T-A cycle’ to enhance the teaching and learning efficacy by analyzing assessment items and results with AQP.
  • Improve the learning efficacy by making well use of suitable e-learning tools and online platform.


  • Over 90% of students have improved after the follow-up learning activities.
  • All teachers agree that e-learning tools provide evidence for them to give students timely feedback. Over 95% of students agree that teachers’ feedback helps them learn effectively.

Students do the follow-up learning tasks to improve the weaker areas in the assessment.


Objective (2)

To consolidate students’ ability of self-directed learning. 


  • Reinforce the self-directed learning cycle, focusing the skills ‘selecting appropriate learning materials and strategies’ and ‘evaluating learning outcomes’.
  • Improve students’ self-evaluation, reflection and improvement skills


  • About 80% of students are able to select appropriate learning materials and strategies to achieve the learning objectives.
  • About 80% of students are able to evaluate their learning process and make improvements on their work.  

Students work together to search information for their tasks.  


Students make improvements on their work and present their ideas.


Objective (3)

  • To nurture students’ growth mindset and develop their self-efficacy.


  • Create English rich environment and provide more opportunities for students to use English in the campus, to develop students’ confidence in using English.


  • Over 90% of students who have joined the English activities become more confident of learning English.

Students love playing English games.

Students enjoy reading English books in English Garden.